Bio Solutions Tennessee hoarding specialists are local employees who have gone through an extensive background check, are bonded and have been thoroughly vetted and trained. None of our employees have a criminal record.

Bio Solutions Tennessee trains all specialists to identify and safeguard any item of real or perceived value. Items such as photos, jewelry, cash, collector’s items, stock, deeds, insurance, etc will be placed in a safe location to be presented back to the client. Before we start, we work with our client’s on compiling two lists, a list of specific items to look for and save and a list of items to donate. Once our work is finished, everything will be disposed of properly, donated or kept based on the guidance received from the client as well as is directed by OSHA protocols and regulations.

Whether we are dealing with anywhere from one room to an entire property that needs to be cleaned, Bio Solutions Tennessee’s hoarding technicians are professional and among the most experienced and trained. Our primary goal is to help people suffering from this affliction and provide them the tools and skills needed to begin living a life free of clutter.

Many people are discouraged from calling a cleaning company out of embarrassment or fear of being judged. You have nothing to fear from reaching out to Bio Solutions Tennessee. Our biggest concerns are your safety, your health and giving you the new beginning you deserve.

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Call Bio Solutions Tennessee to discuss your particular situation and to schedule an ESTIMATE. All calls are confidential and you will speak directly with the owner to determine how we can help.