Who We Are


My name is Scott Hodler, and I am the the owner of Knoxville Hoarding, which is part of Bio Solutions Tennessee. I am a U.S. Air Force Veteran who is certified in both Bloodborne Pathogens, Mold Remediation and Odor Abatement. Bio Solutions Tennessee is a company local to East Tenneessee, located in Knoxville. We are licensed, bonded and insured. We are capable of dealing with all remediation projects. My staff and I are all trained and can offer even the worst case scenario professional results.

Trust is always important when choosing a company to work in your home or office. As the owner, I will always be personally involved from start to finish. I thoroughly vet all my employees, to include background checks. None of my employees have any kind of criminal record. My employees must first earn my trust before I ever consider asking you to trust them.

At Bio Solutions Tennessee, we always put people first. You deserve honesty, quality and compassion, and that is exactly what you’ll get from us.

Thank you for your time and I look forward to assisting you.

Why Choose Us

  • We are fully licensed, certified and insured in the state of Tennessee.
  • We are Confidential and discreet. We show up on-site in an unmarked white truck.
  • We are compassionate and caring, and will always treat you with respect and dignity.
  • We operate with a “people first” business model.
  • We are here to help give you the fresh start you need and deserve.